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21 June 2009 @ 08:47 pm
Satoshi is continuing his session activities, and his next live is on 06.24 at HOLIDAY SHINJUKU. His session will be called "Bloody†CheeseBurger", and will feature Gu.Kyoki (Secilia Luna), Gu.Shun, Ba. Setsuna(ex.Metis Gretel), and Dr.Yuu(ex Kazari). Of course you can keep updated on Satoshi via his blog.

Renka is still continuing his support for De'soler Merveille. They recently added a new band photo to their OHP, so check it out!

Shigure (who changed his name to Juya earlier this year) is support guitarist for the band 「 」 (Untitled). He does not have a new blog or fan mail address yet, but his picture is up at their official website. They seem to have a CD coming out sometime this summer. If you'd like to keep up with them, I created a community, unxtitled.

Shino doesn't have any upcoming sessions planned, but he is still keeping up with his blog.

Gazzy has joined the band アケノカラス(Akenokarasu), and is continuing to do support for multiple bands at the same time. You can view their OHP here.

Of course we will continue to update you if/when the members ever settle down officially in bands.
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26 August 2008 @ 11:22 am
I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but EREMIA announced at their oneman that they will be disbanding. The last live will be a oneman on November 10th. They will be releasing one last single on the same day with the same name of the last oneman.


EREMIA Last oneman
「The last feast and dedicated requiem」
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09 July 2008 @ 10:27 pm
With file sharing common among this fandom, I think this is a valid thing to share. It's come to the attention of all the moderators here that there are badly tagged EREMIA mp3s circulating around the web, and I just wanted to clear up how the names of EREMIA's songs SHOULD be romanized, and what is wrong.

The common offenders:

Track 2 off of Darkness of Red. The correct romanization for this is 'gisekai'. The incorrect version floating around is 'nise sekai'.

Track 3 off of Darkness of Red. The correct romanization for this is 'yuri no hana'. A few incorrect versions are 'hyaku gou no hana' or 'hyakyu gou no hana'

MY DEAD and Zai to Batsu
These two songs are NOT this particular EREMIA. There was another Japanese band years before named Eremia, and somewhere along the lines those two songs got mixed up with the discography for the current EREMIA we all know and love.

If you have questions about any of the other song titles feel free to ask. For further romanizations and what not, please refer to http://eremia.info or the discography section of this community. As always, we hope you'll support them and buy their releases rather than just pass around mp3s!
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01 February 2008 @ 06:58 pm
The contest ends tomorrow!! Don't forget~!

And if you haven't gotten your entries in,
please submit them here
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12 January 2008 @ 04:39 am
Hello everyone!
moecona recently asked if there would be much interest in having a layout contest to win a CD prize, and we got a little bit of interest, so we shall run it!!

OK, but there are some specifications.

o1. You must use THIS picture.
o2. s1 and s2 layouts are both welcome, but the layout must be usable with a free account.
o3. Please use the text "Darkness of Red" somewhere on the header, and it must match the band's theme of black and red.
o4. and you must be a member of the community to participate, of course.

If you're able to, please make a live preview of the layout, and please post a preview picture of it also. If you are unable to make a live preview, please e-mail the code to die.letzte.nacht@gmail.com ^^;.

Please put all the entries in this post, they will be screened!
the contest will run until February 2nd.

The winner will win an unopened copy of EREMIA's latest CD release, "Eternally ~tsuioku no orgel~" which comes with a DVD of their first PV!
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21 December 2007 @ 05:15 pm
Thank you to all who submitted messages of support for EREMIA! It seems the oneman was a big success, and I'm sure they felt our support from across the sea!

Also, it was written in Satoshi's blog that they announced at the oneman they will be sponsoring a third anniversary event on February 7th, most likely at Holiday Shinjuku. If you'll be in Japan, please go!

Only 5 days to go until the release of 「Eternally~追憶のオルゴール~」! I hope you all have purchased a copy! I'm sure it will be a wonderful release (^-^)b

And just a reminder: If you have birthday messages for Shigure, please submit them to me at murasaki.tenshi@gmail.com so I can translate and mail them to him on his birthday! You have one week!

Keep supporting EREMIA!! ^_^
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21 October 2007 @ 04:51 am
As tokimekihoney posted earlier, EREMIA will have their first oneman titled 'The Sanctuary Of A Bloody Rose' on December 20th at HOLIDAY Shinjuku. On that day there will be a presale of their upcoming single 'Eternally ~tsuioku no orgel~' which will be released on December 26th. Tickets are now on sale through HOLIDAY Shinjuku and EREMIA. Everyone who attends will recieve a Eternally ~tsuioku no orgel~ PV making of DVD and in addition anyone who reserves with EREMIA for the oneman will recieve a comment CD present.
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18 October 2007 @ 12:22 am
I just got back from Eremia's event at Holiday, and during the MC, Satoshi had a big announcement!

They'll be having their first oneman on December 20th at Holiday Shinjuku called "The Sanctuary of a Bloody Rose". There will also be a presale of their single "Eternally ~追憶のオルゴール~ [tsuioku no orugo-ru]" before it's release date of December 26th.
26 September 2007 @ 08:16 pm
Shino's birthday mail has been sent. Thank you to those who wrote him something! I will be doing something similar for Satoshi's birthday coming up on Oct 17th, so please keep that in mind!

I received this email in reply:

This is EREMIA
On this occasion, thank you for sending email to Shino.
The message has been properly forwarded to Shino, so please have peace of mind.
From now on, please continue to support EREMIA.

So there you go! It's been passed along o(^-^)o
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26 September 2007 @ 04:42 pm
It's already the 27th in Japan, sooooo~~~ i made this...

yaaaay 8D...

I'll probably make a post later with other things centered with him too... *lol*

and moecona made this =D

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